Monday, March 26, 2012

Reflections by Group Members

Darren:The whole journey was though challenging but interesting and eventful. My team was late and rushed to complete the Coleman bridge task. Then we  went to the ACM by the wrong route and took longer than others. When we finally reached the ACM, the others already finished their task in the ACM while we had just started. Through this whole journey and completion of the task, I have learnt a lot of new things. I have learnt many new facts about the Artifacts of China and the other Asian countries. I have also learnt that team work at that time was vital as we were very late and had to split the task among one another to complete the task. This learning experience was really eventful and memorable.

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  1. I pretty liked the IH trip in a nutshell. One thing i really liked the most was the bonding we had as a team. Not only did that give us a way to know more about our classmates during the trip, it also let us work together again- a privilege we seldom have(to work with the same people in our team). Of course, we have many different other times where we team up n groups, but to team up with the same people in our team again is hard to come by.

    However, we did face certain difficulties during our trip. Some of us were late. However, we managed to finish everything on time. I found out that teamwork is vital and useful. This experience was really fun